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Create engaging events through technology

Our event ecosystem, tailored to your specific needs: from ticketing to visitor registration, from cashless payments to a fully customizable event app – be it virtual, physical or hybrid.

Your new superpowers

Cashless payments

Maximize transaction speed and minimize your organizational overhead with our completely cashless payment system: an ultrafast NFC-based bar payment experience that always works – making sure your visitors never run dry!

  • A carefree event experience for your visitors
  • Increases revenue up to 20%
  • Works even if the lights go out

Your own event app

Connecting the digital and physical world. Create your own dedicated app in an easy way to keep your visitors engaged before, during and after the event.

  • Includes amazing features for virtual, physical and hybrid events
  • Customised completely to your branding
  • Available on Android, iOS and Web

Access control

Our event registration system allows for a fast and flexible access control for different areas and/or different time slots with a simple scan of a wristband or card.

  • Combining NFC, QR codes and photos for fast identification
  • Crowd control at your fingertips

Online registration

A visitor journey starts at registration. Set up easy and effective forms with custom questionnaires, for both paid tickets or guest registration. Generate automatic groups based on your conditions.

  • An infinite number of forms for all your events
  • Supports all common types of payments methods
  • Multiple ticket possibilities

Event management

A smart system that combines everything you need to plan, schedule and organise your event. Easily manage and give access to third parties, allowing them to create content, ads or sponsored notifications.

  • Automatic or scheduled targeted communication
  • Engagement of third parties on all event levels
  • Live analytics to maximise insight

Virtual venue

Are you missing the feeling of actually being there on online events? Host your own custom virtual fair: let visitors, exhibitors and speakers walk around and engage with each other in real time.

  • Custom venue and stands design
  • Includes Linked-in profiles and a chat function

We are committed to make our partners happy

Accreditations for crew & guests went like a tierelier!😁 Very fast and smooth👍
Sandra van den Thoorn
— Coördinator OWL
The environmental impact of our festival is an important factor to us, that is why we decided to have recycle-able cups. Adding them in the system was easy and our event clean-up has never been so fast!
— Event organizer
We were looking for a cashless payment system for our festival, but with Tactile we've also found solutions found so much more!
— Event organizer
I think the bracelet system is really smart. Each time I used the bracelet I thought it was very convenient.
Anonymous visitor
— In enquête
After only a short explanation of the Tactile system it was very easy to use. I also feel the options provided by the system are very intuitive to use!
—CONGO Introduction Organiser
Over a hundred visitors rated us 4.8/5.0 on Google, the App Store and Play Store
The collaboration with Tactile was very nice; the system worked very quickly and easily. Moreover, the employees are flexible and friendly. I would like to work with them again!
Aron Ruiter
— KEI Bar Manager
Any form of payment at an event is a hassle, counting tokens or entering values into a pin machine and waiting for the device to come trough. This was something totally different with instant payments, I loved it.
I really liked seeing how much I made during the day as well as the speed of transactions! Besides that I prefer not having to touch tokens.
—Foodtruck owner
The payment system was perfect
Anonymous Visitor
—In enquête

A 360 partnership

Working with us means: A dedicated Tactile team, always standing by.

Easy does it

We built our system from the ground up inhouse, ensuring it is so easy to set up; our parents could do it.

Privacy first

GDPR, we take it seriously. Protecting your visitors' privacy is our first priority.

Actionable insights

You can only act if you know. So we provide you with live insights.


Get in touch

Interested to hear more? Get in touch with us for all to schedule a demo or get answers to your questions. We always strive to answer your mail within 2 working days.