We introduce the endless possibilities of digital interactions to events and venues by using state of the art technologies.

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access control

Our event registration system allows for flexible access control for different areas and/or different time slots with a simple scan of a wristband or card.

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We offer a complete cashless payment system that is designed to maximize transaction speed and minimize organizational overhead.


The Tactile application connects the digital and the physical world. Enhance your event with livestreams, newsfeeds and more.

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The NFC wristband or card is a visitor’s interface into the endless possibilities of the digital world. Let visitors tag themselves in photos or give you feedback by a single scan.

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Our completely new ticketing system supports all sorts of ticket types. It has been built in order to support vast amounts of concurrent requests.

Why customers love tactile

Find out here.

Dedicated Team

Our team of Tactile Experts is always standing by. They'll make sure everything is properly set up and ready to rock. Feel like saving money? Send your own team to our Tactile Training Days.

Easy to use

We built our system from the ground up ensuring it is so easy to set up; our parents could do it. And we take that philosophy with us every step of the way, ensuring your team understands what to do in no time!


GDPR, no problem. We built our system with privacy in mind, showing users clearly what will be shared and what won't. 

Advanced insights​

You can only act if you know. To help you to act at the event we provide you with live insights, pocketsize. Coordinating your team has never been easier.

interactions at business events

Professional photography

After a professional photographer has shot a perfect new (LinkedIn) photo, your visitor can obtain this photo with a simple scan of their personal ID card.

Privacy conserving exhibitor connect

Let visitors scan their personal ID card at an exhibitor to give them one time permission to send an email with information, without giving away any personal information.

Quantify visitor behavior

Every interaction that uses the tactile system will help you to better understand what your visitors want. The more interactions, the more insight.

Let visitors exchange contact details

The personalized ID card has a QR code to quickly share your contact details.

Why visitors love events with tactile

There is more than one reason.

Automatic refunds

Drive your own profit as well as customer satisfaction with automatic refunds after the event. Your customers will love it and so will you!

No queues for festival coins

The number one discomfort of visitors is standing in line, with online top-ups and check-in there is no need to stand in line anymore.

No queues at the bars

With an incredible transaction speed of up to 7 transactions per minute at each barpoint, waiting for your payment to come through is a thing of the past!

Empty pockets

With the tactile bracelet around your wrist everything is possible. You can leave cash, keys, tickets and your ID behind.

BUT Don’t take our word FOR it

You are invited to contact one of our many satisfied customers or collaborative partners!


What did you like and dislike of using/implementing Tactile?

I think the bracelet system is really smart. Each time I used the bracelet I thought it was very convenient.
Visitor in enquête
Any form of payment at an event is a hassle, counting tokens or entering values into a pin machine and waiting for the device to come trough. This was something totally different with instant payments, I loved it.
I really liked seeing how much I made during the day as well as the speed of transactions! Besides that I prefer not having to touch tokens.
Foodtruck owner
After only a short explanation of the Tactile system it was very easy to use. I also feel the options provided by the system are very intuitive to use!
CONGO - Introduction organizer
The environmental impact of our festival is an important factor to us, that is why we decided to have recycle-able cups. Adding them in the system was easy and our event clean-up has never been so fast!
Event organizer
The payment system was perfect
Visitor in enquête
The collaboration with Tactile was very nice; the system worked very quickly and easily. Moreover, the employees are flexible and friendly. I would like to work with them again!
Aron Ruiter
KEI - Head of bar
Accreditations for crew & guests went like a tierelier!😁 Very fast and smooth👍
Sandra van den Thoorn
Coördinator OWL

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