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Cashless payments

Blazingly Fast

Designed for speed means that we minimize queues, resulting in more revenue and happier visitors.

Totally Reliable

Our payment system is robust to internet and power outages, making sure that your visitors' glasses will never be empty.

Delightfully Easy

Technology should make life easier and our system is designed to do just that, both for visitors as for event staff.

Genuinely Secure

Our payment system is continuously kept up-to-date with best practices to anticipate vulnerabilities.

Custom hardware for the best experience

Our 4th generation cash register is designed for speed and reliability.

  • Easy does it. Our registers are easy to use for bartenders and visitors. 
  • The entire cash register system is resilient to internet outages.
  • Age and identity check built in for security and compliance.

Why visitors love our payment system

No Queues

We hate queues and designed our technology to be as fast as possible to prevent them. Moreover, with years of experience, our event consultants help you design the best configuration of our system to minimize queues and maximize visitor satisfaction.

Automatic Refunds

We always recommend visitors to top-up plenty before the event starts with the promise that remaining balance will be refunded automatically after the event. This results in the best experience during the event and increased revenue.

Empty Pockets

The wristband is all your visitor needs during the event. This allows your visitor to leave their phones and wallets in lockers. Great for phone-free event experiences.

Unmanned top-ups

Most of our users prefer topping-up online before the event. But on-premise top-ups can be ideal for visitors with dead phones.

  • No fraud risk.
  • Decrease your personnel need.
  • Advisable for specific events types such as phone-free parties or passers-by events. 


Festival Coins

3Transactions per minute
0% increased revenue
Live analytics
Resistant to internet interference


6+Transactions per minute
+22% increased revenue
Live analytics
Resistant to internet interference


1.5Transactions per minute
+10% increased revenue
Live analytics
Resistant to internet interference



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