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Frequently Asked Questions


Your favorite event of the year has just come to an end. In addition to a potential hangover and the great memories made, there is but one thing left: getting your remaining balance back. What do you have to do? Nothing! Except perhaps downing a glass of water to cure your hangover 😉

Been a couple of days and you still haven’t received your refund? Take a look at the frequently asked questions below.

We use Stichting Derdengelden (untranslatable, believe us – we tried) to manage your money (this is a third party account). So when looking for your refund, the account holder name you should look for is

Do I need to add my bank details to my account?

That depends. Did you top up your balance during the event with either pin or cash? Or did you receive money from your friends through the event application? If your answer to one or both of these questions is “yes”, then we need your bank details to fully complete your refund. You can upload these details in your event profile. 

If you topped up online, refunds are automatically transferred to the account you used for the top-up.

This depends on the payment method you used. In general we refund your money back to you within 24 hours after the event ends. For iDEAL you can expect a processing time of 24 – 72 hours, credit cards may take 1-4 weeks depending on your provider. 

If you topped up your balance with cash/pin during the event or received money from friends through the mobile app, it takes a bit longer for us to refund, this may take up to two weeks after the event ends. Itching to get your money back? Make sure to check if your IBAN is filled in on your profile page to speed up this refund process!

Can’t fill in an IBAN on your profile page because you do not have a bank account that supports IBAN? Please contact us through our website contact form so we can assist you in getting back your refund. Make sure to fill out the same email address as used for your account!

It is possible that you will receive several refunds. This depends on how often you did a top-up. So first of all, look if there is more than one refund. If you did several top-ups with different bank accounts, your refunds will be distributed back to you over those different accounts. So if someone else did a top-up for you, they will receive your refund on their bank account. 

Keep in mind the different processing times per payment method: if you topped up with both iDEAL and credit card, for instance, you will receive your iDEAL refund sooner than your credit card refund. For specific processing times per payment method, consult the frequently asked questions below.

It is also possible that we still need your bank details. Please consult the FAQ-question above if this could be the case.

Don’t worry, we’ll find it! Have you checked:

  1. If you have any payments from
  2. If the amount was spread over several refunds?
  3. If the money was refunded to another bank account?
  4. If we have your bank details?
  5. If we are still within the processing time of your bank? (Especially with credit cards this may take some time.)