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Case: Intreeweek

  • 238 Personalized time tables
  • 4000+ Visitors

While handing out lunch it was important not to create long lines. With Tactile we easily split up the group in subgroups which each had a private timeslot. We sent a notification to only the people attending the event to notify them of their time slot.

Case: Eurekaweek

  • 783 Personalized time tables
  • 4200+ Visitors

With over 20 different dinner locations, each with user specific time slots Eureka had a real challenge on their hands. They made a specific schedule for each group of students resulting in a huge amount of personal time-tables.

Case: Hopweek

  • 1200+ Personalized food orders
  • 1200+ Visitors

Using our check-in module, Hopweek made sure the right people received the right food. Also they where able to record precisely how many meals were eaten in total, which made it possible to reduce waste by ordering the right amount of meals.

Case: Keiweek

  • 2000+ Anonymous cards
  • 5000+ Visitors

During the Keiweek, around 5000 guests bought a ticket, but some of the events where open to everyone. These one time visitors were able to pay with our anonymous cards. They could top-up by using a link on the cards, or going to our pin machines. 

Case: Beta Career Event

  • 850+ Unique visitor badges
  • 850+ Visitors

We created personalised visitor badges for all the visitors. This meant every visitor had their name and an QR-code on their badges. These could be scanned to get that persons contact information. They were also able to scan their badges at terminals to get automated business inquiry emails. The visitors could also connect on LinkedIn using our connecting poles. All possible with the one card they received at the entrance