Connecting, without exchanging cards

Tactile was built for interaction. 

We want to eliminate the need for anything but your tactile bracelet. So the visitor can focus on what’s important, the here and now. We know that living in the here and now still means you want to be able to connect with everything around you. You want the pictures that where taken to eventually end up on your social media and you want to make sure that you are able to get that cute girls phone number without the need to remember it. We fix these problems by creating unique interaction options.

We are constantly looking for more options to connect people. So feel free to contact us with your idea to bring people closer together. 

We want everyone to be connected through tactile

Our long list of interactions

Mobile devices

  • Fly baby fly

With our mobile devices you can let your visitors interact anywhere. This means they can do payments on the fly. 

Want to go even faster? With our instant pay function, you can just tap and go.


  • Say cheese

Tapping your bracelet against our tactile camera will ensure you recieve those great photo’s that were made during the festival. No longer will your visitors need to scroll through thousends of pictures to find that beauty shot of them and their friends. 

Automatic photobooth

  • Smile for the camera

A photo-booth that sends the pictures to the people in the booth instantly. As always, one tap with their bracelet is more than enough to make this happen. Creating and recieving memories have never been this easy.


  • That's how many people are inside

Most events still rely on manually counting. With a single tap, you will never have to count anything again. Instant information about how many people are at what location. This information is saved in our database, which will make crowd management for this event and your next event even easier. 

Split the bill

  • What is 9 divided by 3?

We offer several methods for sharing payments depending on what kind of event you are hosting. 

Do you have an app? Integrate it with Tactile to easily share funds. 

Glass Deposits

  • We need that cup back after you're done with it

Need deposit on cups or locker-keys? We’ve got you covered, easily add refund products to your register. Whenever they hand in a cup they’ll receive their deposit back on their account. 

Unique Point of sale/Donate

  • We like doing good.

Import a list with your venders and their products in our system and it will automaticly create merchants for you. Withing seconds they are online and ready for the customers. 

Its also possible to set up an self-sale-terminal. For instance: people automatically donate 5 euro’s to charity by scanning the terminal. 

Dynamic pricing

  • The beer price is finally going down

With dynamic pricing it is possible to make the prices of drinks go up and down on different times, or at random. Even better though, the system can detect a bar that is quiet and lower the prices of that bar and increase the prices at the super busy one. Managing the crowds for you. Throw in some amazing graphs in an unique app, and you will have people moving from place to place for that sweet deal. 


  • Just to be safe

All our payment devices will show you the visitors age. This makes it super easy to sell drinks responsibly. 

Game, set. Match

  • Collect all the coins

Getting achievements by performing certain tasks. For example; visitors could get a free drink by visiting every part of your event or by forming a pyramid and posting a picture on their social media. Just let your creativity go wild, everything is possible!

Tactile match/Tactile buddy

  • Love made easy

We created a matchmaking system. By using the familiar swiping system, made famous by tinder. We let people match during the event or before the event. Get notified via e-mail or on a big screen of your new match, find each other and you may just have found your soulmate. 

Choose Your Tune

  • The customer is always right

Voting on music. We integrated an module that let people vote for music. With tactile it is possible to let everyone vote just once. Making it an fair count. The winning category gets played and most people get the music they want. 

Merchant insight

  • That's a lot of money

Merchants like to have insight in their earnings. we offer them an webpage, where they can live check all the sales they did. See some stats and get those key figures in a second. 

Tactile off the grid

  • Who needs power?

You found that perfect location in the middle of nowhere? you need a way to perform your payments though? We offer a fully offline and battery powered system (for more see payments).

Organiser insight

  • Insight is key

Insight is everything to an organiser. That’s why we offer an wide range of statistics during the event. These statistics are customizable to your wishes. ensuring you can very quickly see what’s going on. This goes from drinks sold, to people inside, to bar performance. A lot of data is available. Finding the data you need is easy for our experts. 

The Kennedy package

  • VIP-Managment

Special area’s only accessible by that few very important people. Or maybe it’s a staff area. Using tactile you can give specific people access and deny others. 

Quick Review

  • That's their opinion

With our review terminal, you can let people give their opinion in a quick and easy way. Simply scan your wristband to give your opinion. 

Area tickets

  • Area control

Only allowed to come in the first day? the bracelet knows, not allowing people in that didn’t buy the right ticket. You can use this for instance for different days, or for different area’s.