A payment system that delivers, always, and that is a promise

We made sure that at your event, our payment system will never fail. We already hear you thinking: “I have heard this before”. 

Well let me explain how we are different.

Our system will work even if there is a power outage. Our scanners and tablets run on their own power. So in case of a power outage, we will be able to continue to do sales for approximately 14 hours.

That’s nice, but no internet means no transactions right? Well we even found a solution to that. All our terminals keep track of the balance of all the visitors using a similar method as bitcoin. Once the internet connection is lost, they fall back on this database. This way the terminals will continue to work. As soon as the internet connection is restored. They all synchronise with the cloud. 

This way we guarantee a flawless event. Still don’t believe us? We are more than happy to give you a demo of these features.

Payments made easy

Comparison to other payment systems

Revenue like you've never seen before

Time after time we have seen an increase in revenue numbers. The convenience of our system increases the spending of visitors significantly. 

The amount of transactions you can do with our system is fully based on the efficiency of your staff. All the transactions are instant. 

You also get live statistics: direct insight in which bar performs best. We even offer mobile registers so you can always decide to send extra staff to that well performing bar. 

Next to that you also get live statistics on your revenue, and where that revenue is created. Want to know how many drinks a certain bar has sold, no problem! 

And way way more options. Give us a call and we happily tell you 

Group payments made easy

We often hear about the token in hand problem. When an event works with tokens, every visitor can give another visitor a token so a group can easily get drinks together. 

To solve this problem, we created donate button in our app. You can easily see your last transaction and share these with all the people at the event.